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About HPV Treatment Protocol – Аллокин-Альфа

Dear sir or madam In your website HPV treatment protocol suggested 6 subcutaneous injections one other day. Do you recommend this injections after each relapse ? Also do you recommend injections to perilesional skin area ? How many injections is the maximum limit for example in one year ?

Dear Dr Sertac Sever. The usual treatment of HPV infections includes injections at a dose of 1 mg every other day, the course includes 6 injections. The drug is administered strictly subcutaneously. If you mean the presence of condyloma, papilloma, CIN talking about a relapse, we recommend a multimodality treatment, combining course Allokine-alpha with destructive methods of treatment for achievement effective results. Injection is done more often in the shoulder or thigh, the main thing – SUBCUTANEOUSLY. Tests after treatment should be taken in 3 months after the course. Since the beginning of the treatment and to the delivery control testing you must have sexual life only with condoms. The second course is possible in 3 months. If there is inefficient treatment, it is important to find out the reason of the failure. For example to do a study of immune status.

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